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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." we're on scandal watch here as everyone in the country. we're trying to follow all the different scandals. the obama administration is swamped. first the irs. do you remember lois lerner. she was the one who revealed there was a problem in the first place. apparently when she revealed that she said some things that were questionable. they brought her to the house to question her on what she knew and didn't know. she decided to take the fifth.
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she did it in a curious way. she had a two and a half opening statement first. we'll show you some of that, and then we'll show you the congressmen getting pissed about it if good morning i'm lois lerner. i'm responsible for 900 employees nationwide. members of this committee have accused me of providing false information. i have not done anything wrong. i've been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right. one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals. thank you. >> i must ask you to reconsider. you have made an opening statement in which you made assertions of your innocence i will not testify to the subject matter of this meeting. >> witness and counsel are dismissed. >> mr. issa, you don't get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected
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cross-examination. that's the not the way it works. she waived her right. she ought to stand here and answer our questions. [applause] >> cenk: once again i find myself agreeing with the republicans. you don't really get to do a two and a half statement and then say now i plead the fifth. so it's fascinating how that went down but i'm not sure how large the irs scandal is in the first place. i decided to bring in some experts. ben mankiewicz and brett erlich. >> when are you going to bring the experts in? >> cenk: later, but for the moment being we have you guys. quick, on the irs big deal, not a big deal, thoughts, go. >> i think lois lerner has a really good lawyer. unquestionably, plead the fifth if i was in her situation.
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without a moment hesitation. not only are the republicans out to get her you know you're not going to get any backing from the democrat or administration. plead the fifth. she's not in a court of law. she's before congress. if she wants to make a statement and then not answer questions. plead the fifth. i'm not going to talk to you guys. come after me right or wrong. >> theoretically i think its cheesy to make an opening statement and then say i'm not going to take questions. legally she can do it. a good lawyer told her to do it, and she did it. >> i would like to take advice from my lawyers and not any any questions. she made a statement before she made any more statements. if you listen to her statement
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it's not sub substantive. if there is going to be someone who makes a statement it will, issa. >> cenk: to you chai. touché. there is a statement of testing nukes in we do something. it was a great story and i remember it well. they did an investigative story and the boom administration was mental about all leaks. they said that's it. we're going get everybody. they charged his source and considered charging him. fbi agent reginald yay yes, sir wrote that there was evidence rosen had broken the law at the very least either as an aider or abettorabetor or co-conspirator.
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they're saying we don't give a damn and you're just as guilty as the person who leaked the information, you may wiped up going to jail. they served a warrant on him. they used it to track him going in and out of the state department. they traced the timing of his calls. they searched two days of his e-mails and got all of the e-mails with his source kim and traced his parents' phone call. now when jay carney was asked about this and whether the president was really intent on making sure that the freedom of the press is protected here's was his response. >> more than just james rosen's phones that were being looked at by the government. the president said one thing. his administration appears to be doing something else. >> no, that's not the case. i can't speak to a specific criminal investigation. i can speak to the fact that publicly available information has indicated that that particular investigation is
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over and that charges related to that investigation that will be brought have already been brought. there's that. and again that's commenting on public available information. >> cenk: jay carney, as usual saying, don't worry about did. a lot of journalists are worried about it. first glen greenwald from the guardian said that a journalist can be arrested as a means for circumventing those safeguards and criminalizing the act of journalism itself. and "the new york times" wrote a scathing article stating threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news. what say you, ben mankiewicz? >> i agree with the "new york times," and i can't believe--the obama administration has managed to do what it seems like gadhafi had done, which is get a bunch
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of liberals to say oh, those poor bastards at fox news. >> cenk: i never thought i would be saying that. and i think it's just foolish. remember that again they didn't charge james rosen. that's significant. they did name him in a warrant. that's one of the nonsense things about warrants, too. bush's idea to by pass the secret court to do the warrantless wiretapping. there is no warrant. it's just the cops. they get to say whatever you want. you should never not get a warrant, but here it's obviously the first little nudge that maybe that leakee it just as responsible as the leaker, that's dangerous to all reporting. >> cenk: they got a warrant, but at the same time they got an warrant for an action that has never been criminal in the united states, for a journalist to get a leak. they say the act of getting the
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leak is criminal. which is amazing. brett, before you weigh in on this, let me give you the comment from the "washington post." he takes it further. the rosen affair is a flagrant an assault on civil liberties as anything done by george w. bush's administration, and uses technology to silence critics in a way that richard nixon could only have dreamed of. maybe not as bad as bush but maybe knicksen. >> taking advantage of the changes affected by bush. little tiny increments that build to something that we're all afraid of. we all look for that moment where we say, oh my gosh, we've gone too far and now there is no freedom of the press. >> what do you think the 2016 campaign between hillary clinton and marco rubio is going to be about press freedom? that's inconceivable. we're not waiting for somebody to come in and give it back. >> we're trying to figure out
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will the press--the 24 hour news cycle where the press has to constantly look for something new to talk about, and threatened for losing it's own freedom. what will win out. >> cenk: on the one hand when they take civil liberties from americans and do the warrantless wiretapping that you were refer to go, ben. but when it's about them, wait a minute, now you got our attention. >> that's why i disagree with dana philbank. we have the knicks the nixonen comparison{^l"^^}, i think it's a threat to civil liberties when you sweep into german, put a towel over his head and torturing, it's still worse than tapping james rosen's home. >> they both blow. >> cenk: yes they're both terrible. look nixon during the pentagon papers considered doing this
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very thing. he said dammit the guy at "the new york times." i want to get him and say he was an aider abettor and coconspirator. they said, dude, you're crazy. nixon said i can't do that but obama did it. >> the supreme court has held that the government can't have a prior restraint against publication. you can't stop the publication. here they're by passing that because they have gone around it and to get at the sources beforehand and to then to suggest that the journalists might be subject to criminal prosecution. that's it. no one is going to public it if you're faced with prison. >> cenk: jean mayor--jane myers an incredible writer:
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>> jane myer, we can listen to because she was properly outraged. >> cenk: yes, by mr. obama. brett, a great point earlier this morning there is a double irony here. thank god they went after fox news because now conservatives will attack obama. because before mitch mcconnell, oh, the ap, you want to spy on them, at it, hoss. but now that it was the fox news reporter, the conservatives were outraged, and maybe it will be an electoralish. >> an outrange lasts three or four days and then it's on to something else. i don't know what it is to get peace. there will be a shooting at a school guns and then it will die out and something else will come along. i don't know what the answer is, and that's the scary part.
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>> you opened with the three scandals, and i think that's the only one others are just stories. >> cenk: that goes to brett's point, fox news cries wolf so much, when rosen is actually targeted and it's very legitimate to say this is a huge, huge issue but dude, you told me putting mustard on a burger was an issue. hannity once criticized obama for eating mustard with his hot dog. and now this. we'll cover this for you. when we come back, in oklahoma we had a terrible tornado made worse by the fact there were very little shelters in the schools or homes. could that have been different? we'll talk about that when we come back. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's
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life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> two neighbors, first responder jim, who ran straight to briarwoodment school to help rescue kids from the rubble. and their first grader hezekiah ran up to give him a huge hug. >> i was so happy that i saw him, and i didn't know that he was coming. i thought my mom and dad would be the first ones. >> cenk: they're now calling that the hug scene around the world. i don't know who "they" are but it was no question, very heartwarming. what is of course not as heart warming is the lack of preparation. look more oklahoma had been hit by a major tornado back in 1999. if you go on their website, the city's website they say don't worry about it. the chance of a strong tornado
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hitting us again about 1%. apparently not the case. the last time around the people talked about building shelters. only 10% of the homes in moore, oklahoma had shelters people could hide in in a situation like this. the two schools that were hit and remember we lost ten children seven of them in one of the elementary schools alone plaza towers, and the other one that was hit was briarwood did not have underground shelters, either. that could have prevented some of the deaths here. they had a conversation about this on the morning show. let's check that out. >> so many people are asking why aren't there basements where we need them most, tornado alley and why are there more tornado shelters. those who managed to get underground survived. >> it ripped open the door and just glass and debris started slamming on us. we thought we were dead. >> why aren't schools better prepared. >> yesterday raised a lot of questions with people, why don't
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schools have storm shelters? >> state officials say 100 schools do have safe rooms but they're expensive. the femaest mitt, fema--femaest mitt, $1.4 million. >> for every you dollar spent on preparedness you save $4 in damages. if that's the case, these might be economical as well as savings lives. he let's bring in mike hancock present of basement contractors in he edmonton, oklahoma. first of all everybody you know okay in oklahoma? >> everybody is okay, thank you. >> cenk: good. i guess you're in favor of building more in light of the situation. >> that's correct. and it can done, of course. >> cenk: it's tornado alley so it makes sense to have these basement shelters.
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here is an interesting question, do you think the government should regulate that? one side it's like seat belts yeah it costs more in the car but it saves lives. the other side maybe you regulate it in a school, maybe but you shouldn't do it in someone's home, it's their business. >> i don't think it should be regulated. i don't think the government should be involved in determining how all houses and all construction is built. it's variable. i don't think that the government should be dictating how things are built. >> cenk: that's interesting, not even in a school where they've got some obligation to protect kids? >> i think it's important that all schools invest the money where they deem necessary and i think it's important that they protect the life and safety of the children in all cases knowing that we're in an area that does have basements and knowing--that doesn't have basements and does have tornadoes. knowing that that we have this danger, it's a good investment. if the school doesn't have it,
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then you have the choice to move to a different school district to have one or not to have one. some school districts have them, and not. there again it's that free choice of whether you want to take a risk with your family or not. but not that every item needs to be regulated by the government. >> right, i got to give mike credit. look, i disagree with you. i think they should be in the cools, but this is your business. you would make a lot more money if it were enforced. >> absolutely. >> cenk: and you're saying that they shouldn't any way. credit to you on being principled even though i disagree. >> there is a distinction from the president of the home builders association and he he he echos what our mike is saying it makes complete sense if we're talking about houses. if you have kids and family, if you don't want to put that in your house. but schools are a different matter. and they're going to be rebuilt
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by tax payers, and caring for the costs of injuries, that's paid by taxpayers and the government has the responsibility to do what people don't always do. to me there is a very clear compromise. obviously you can't mandate it by people's houses. it has to be driven by the market. >> they mandate seat belts. >> and they mandate building codes in other things. in los angeles when you build a house it has to abide by certain safety codes. >> let me rephrase that. it's a different argument than schools. like we see a very clear argument in schools and houses i tend to agree but with schools i'm with you. >> cenk: how about that, out here in los angeles all the buildings have to be up to code for earthquakes. that makes sense there could be earthquakes. in oklahoma you get tornadoes
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all the time. doesn't it make sense that part of the building code includes some sort of shelter, a basement or above ground shelter? >> it makes sense that new construction could possibly have the provision for having some sort of a safe shelter for heavy winds like a tornado. and the present code the uniform building code there are provisions for high winds however those winds are not tornado winds. they're 90 mph winds not the 300 mph winds. and to distinguish between the two, i agree with the way you distinguished it. residential is definitely completely different than the general public. so when you're trying to protect the general public, and you have children in school, the regulations to impose upon cities or towns or school districts that may not be able to afford retrofitting their schools into storm shelters might be a tremendous tax burden
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on small ruler areas that don't have the ability to do that and shut the schools completely down. now that schools are bussed 40 to 50 miles which may be a bigger burden than not having the shelter and having the kids go to their homes and have the shelters there. there needs to be based on a generic statement of having a shelter in every school, that would be great. i think every school should be as safe as possible. i don't know if it needs to be a government regulation, but i do believe that the taxpayers in oklahoma part of the tax base has to do with your elected school boards, your officials i believe they will demand that the schools install in new schools storm shelters and provisions for tornadoes in the case that they do have this event again. i don't think you'll see it retrofit though. >> cenk: that's a fair point an you have to see by case by case, you have to see how much it
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would cost. there we have your expertise. we saw that fema number of $1.4 million for the schools. that seems high to me, but you would know better than anybody. tell me how much it costs for the houses to put them in. >> well, there are different scenarios. let's talk about houses real quick. a real shelter there is a difference between a basement, which is a living space versus a shelter where you go for a storm and it's not living space. you can spend anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, as much as you want to for a storm shelter for a house. and then you're talking a basement the footprint of a house and making the basement a livable space which costs more than a flat house, obviously that's why there are more slab houses in our region than there is basements, but the real reason in residential is just the cost factor. if you go to schools and you're talking about cost and expenses
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with schools then it depends on the size. it depends on the span that you're trying to hold up the ceiling. if you do a modular system where you break the school into larger components of safe rooms it's more economical. you can spend as much as you want, but you could spend as little as you want to occupy that. fema requires five square feet be provided per person to occupy a safe room. the size of the school dick dates what each one of those schools have to do. some schools have 5,000, 10,000 students in them. does that apply to just grade schools? junior highs, high schools colleges, private schools and to what extent do you draw the line and say its mandatory and you all need to spend $1 million on each one of your safe rooms. >> cenk: my sense was if we were
4:26 pm
running oklahoma, we would come to a fair agreement on this. a lot of times politics gets in the way. mike hancock we appreciate you joining us and i appreciate your rare guest who argued against his own financial arrests. >> thank you. >> cenk: all right, thank you mike. >> thank you. >> cenk: yes. when we come back, anthony wiener is apparently entering the mayoral race in new york city, and look at that, his wife is in the ads. is that kosher? we'll discuss when we return.
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>> cenk: here's what is happening. we're back on "the young turks." and anthony weaner is running for mayor of new york. that takes some guts. so he has released a new two and a half minute ad. we'll take a look at it. >> look, i made some big mistakes and i let a lot of people down, but i've learned
4:29 pm
some tough lessons. i'm running for mayor and i hope i get a second chance to work for you. >> cenk: he said that his parents came from middle class gave him an opportunity to send his junk over twitter and he appreciated that--no. we're going to talk about his chance bringing in the massive power panel mega power panel ana kasparian, brett has been with us the whole program unfortunately fortunately and hermela aregawi, i used to call her our resident conservative, but i can't tell where you're coming from. >> yeah. >> cenk: let's talk about one particular aspect of this. former aid to secretary of state hillary clinton she's his wife. she's also in the ad. watch. >> new york city should be the middle class capital of the world and i have ideas of how to do it, 64 of them.
4:30 pm
take a look and tell me what you think. >> we love this city, and no one will work harder to make it better than anthony. >> i'll fight for you every single day. thank you for watching. >> cenk: all right, kosher or not kosher, hermela go. >> of course, give him a second chance. if i was her i would definitely back him up. >> cenk: you would back him up. >> of course. >> cenk: you would appear in the ad. >> i would appear in the ad to make other people feel comfortable enough to accept him back in society. >> i know, but there is something so cheesily about it. she's like a prop. see, she forgave me, you should forgive me. i hate using her that way. >> it's corny because they cut the line which she had which was, can i go now? they just got rid of it. [ laughing ] >> you can't run for mayor without her participation. she has to be in it.
4:31 pm
>> cenk: that was the first conversation. >> right, if she's not in the ad, then that's all we're talking about today is that she's not in the ad. that becomes the story. then they're back in front of her house. this is a way to say right off the bat, look, i'm with him. we've moved on. we have a daughter. and the ad opens with the family together with him hoisting his daughter up, and she's there. >> this is how my day goes.. [ laughing ] >> no, but i love that it doesn't matter that much to us. i hate how it matters so much to america. the importance of him being a family man. i don't care about him being a family man. i care whether or not he would be a good representative, a good mayor, someone who would represent his people. that's what matters no, not whether he has a son or daughter. >> but you said, it, i think it
4:32 pm
was you if she forgives him, if she forgives him then it's the signal that it's okay for everybody else. >> cenk: but that's true. ana, what business is it of ours if his wife has gotten past it, what do we care? >> i personally don't care. >> cenk: you don't care if she got past it or not. >> i don't care more about the so-called scandal. look he shouldn't cheat on his wife and he should be more computer literate. >> sending his picture. >> that's not cheating. >> there has to be a scale. it's still better than the alternative. by the way-- >> cenk: i'm sorry, now that you mentioned that, hold on, hold on. what would you rather have, hermela, you find out that your boyfriend or husband whatever, cheated on you and no one else knows. or he didn't cheat on you but everybody knows that he sent pictures of his.
4:33 pm
[ whistle ] to everyone. >> cheat on me and nobody else knows. >> you're right, it's way more embarrassing. do you have the poll numbers just to give you an idea? >> cenk: i thought it said 15%. >> he's going to be the mayor of new york. >> cenk: you think oh so? >> unquestionable. >> cenk: no, you're too strong. >> unquestionable. >> cenk: stop it. you're too strong. >> give me a number. >> cenk: no, don't goad me into that. >> even money number. >> he's 10 points behind. >> cenk: he's 7 points behind christine quinn former comptroller thompson at 10. now the public advocate is at 10. undecided is at 27. this is a poll taken before he says he's going to run. now he's going to run the number is only going to go up, and he is an unbelievably talented politician. like that's what you forget. he knows what he's doing and
4:34 pm
so yeah, i think he'll win and i think he'll win big and he'll be mayor for the next 12 years. >> i think the poll numbers go down. and other people running against him will start tweeting pictures of their junk? >> i like how in the ad, i've made some big mistakes. [ wink ] is. >> i couldn't get through this have voa that i've seen this man's junk. >> cenk: can i brag that i never saw it. >> i saw the muscle one where he looked like he went to the gym. >> which i would argue is more embarrassing than the penis pictures. >> cenk: and john stewart said, i know anthony wiener, and that's not anthony wiener. it's too large.
4:35 pm
>> one more story the communications director for the g.o.p. she's republican, and she ran into a little bit of problems because she thought that there was an issue of sexual harassment. she brought that up and talked to who tv in iowa. >> women especially should not have their body parts scrutinized objectified, people should not be ridiculed or mocked for simply the color of pants that they're wearing and those sorts of things were taking place at the capitol. >> cenk: so she complains about that. she's fired seven hours later. and then the head of the republicans in iowa said, no, no, it's okay. we fired her for her career track record. it just happened to be seven hours after a sexual harassment complaint. i don't have to ask. no one is buying that. >> i need to know what color of pants she wore first. >> that one little piece really
4:36 pm
threw me off in her statement. who cares if you're getting made fun of because of the color of your pants. it seemed so disconnected from her statement of sexual harassment. not that--not to take away from her point, but i think that wasn't the best example for her to use. >> it depends on what they said about her pants. >> i never thought it would matter what color-- >> it depends on what your definition of the word "pants" is. >> cenk: hermela, it's a dumb move by the republicans. even let's say it's possible that you can complain about sexual harassment and it's not true. it's positive that you're overly sensitive and they said nice yellow pants. what do you mean yellow. but even so you don't fire somebody seven hours after the complaint of sexual harassment.
4:37 pm
>> they didn't care for the trajectory of her career after those seven hours. >> we know that iowa state supreme court was early on in this gay marriage process came out and allowed gay couples in iowa to get married. i'd be curious given her sense of outrage about people making fun of her yellow pants, whether she was similarly outraged about the inability of gay iowans to marry the person they loved. maybe she was one of the iowa republicans on the right side of this. i guarantee you there were that many. >> i'm on her side of this opening argument. which is why for the broadcast i have not been wearing any pants. >> yeah, i know. >> brett is not wearing any pants. >> cenk: okay, i'm going to try to look away. when we come back, the woman trying to save the country. my god look at that, it's a fake senator. that's the clue i'll give you. but we'll talk about how she'll
4:38 pm
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." vermont state senator jinny lyons has sponsored a legs. we'll ask her what it is.. jinny lyons, welcome to "the young turks"." tell what's our bill does. >> it's actually a resolution. we in vermont have been overwhelmed by the decision of citizens united, and we really want to do something about it. we started last year with another resolution asking congress to initiate it on its own, and seeing a lack of action there we're really interested in having states coalesce around the issue of citizens united beginning article 5 constitutional convention, and
4:41 pm
ultimately overturn that decision through an amendment to our constitution. >> cenk: let's take it one step at a time. first of all some people might be asking, although they are great majority of americans agree on this, but why the big deal about citizens unite: how bad do you think the situation has gotten that we need an amendment for it? >> look, the way i look at it, there are two things that we need to solve. first, we need to solve climate change. second we need to solve citizens united, not necessarily in that order. this is an atrocious assault on our democracy, and we absolutely need to change the direction of money in politics. so is it a problem? it's a huge problem. it's unfettered money influencing our elections. so it's a problem. >> so now the second question that people would ask is why go
4:42 pm
all the way for an amendment? you know, why not pass a bill at the federal level? >> you know, if it were possible to pass a bill at the federal level i would love to see it, but the inaction of congress is just amazing. citizens united happened in 2010, and here we are three years later. congress has a difficult time passing any piece of legislation. so to have a piece of legislation passed that would change the donations that are congressional delegations received is probably not going to happen. so i think it's up to the states to take leadership and to let folks know, let congress know we're serious about this. we want to see a change. short of changing the supreme court i think the only recurs that we have is to pass
4:43 pm
constitutional amendments. >> not a lot of people might be aware there are two ways to pass a constitutional amendment. one is through congress. but as you say we're having trouble passing the simplest bills in congress let alone an amendment that would need two-thirds of congress. the other is through the states by calling a convention. that has not been done at the federal left but it's in the constitution. it's been put in there by our founding fathers for situations like this. on the other hand people will say since we have never done it we're a little scared about it. how would you address that? >> it's realistic that they could be afraid of something like that. i have a lot of empathy for people who think that way but i'm more afraid of what will happen if citizens united isn't overturned. and frankly there have been a number of constitutional amendments made to the state constitutions. we're all still alive in our
4:44 pm
states. our states are healthy and nothing untoward has happened. i think those fears are just fear of change and i'm not afraid to change. i think that it was put--article 5 was put into the constitution by our founding fathers for situations exactly like this. it has been used--i'm sorry go ahead. >> cenk: no, i about to say the same thing that you were going to say. conventions have been called 233 times at the state level and there's never been a runaway convention, never been an issue and besides you need two quarters of thethree-quarters of the state to ratify any amendment. the optimistic note here is the other advantage of the convention you just don't need washington, d.c. at all, that you could do it at the state level, and hence even republicans who love states rights might be interested in being able to amendment the
4:45 pm
constitution without having to go through the corrupt politicians in dc? >> i think you're absolutely right. you hit the nail on the head. it is an opportunity for states to take control of their own destiny. right now--we can do so much to--only so much to pass campaign finance reform at the state level but we're still going to be inundated by the unfettered monies that come as a result of citizens united. so for states to say wait, stop, hold off we want to have a constitutional amendment. we want to change citizens united, it's a disastrous decision. if states don't do it, congress is not going to act. yes, you're right. you know, i think that it's a cross partisan issue. as you well know it's not a
4:46 pm
democratic progressive republican or independent issue. it's something that crosses through our democracy. regardless of what the push back might be as we build grassroots support for our constitutional convention called by the states, we're going to have a lot of help. it's not going to happen without some guidance, without some legal guidance, without guidance about who would participate, who would be delegates. it's about a lost cause. it isn't a free for all. it's not the wild, wild west, so i'm looking forward to the process of building relationships with folks such as you or public citizen or other groups across the country other states across the country and well educating people that this is the best way for states to realize their goals of maintaining democracy and honest
4:47 pm
elections. >> cenk: well, if vermont were the first state to call for a convention, that would be amazing and terrific. state senator jinny lyons is leading the effort. we appreciate you joining us. >> thanks a lot. it's a pleasure being here. >> cenk: there is democracy in america at the state level. talk to your local states and representatives you might be amazed. article 5. when we come back a totally different subject. golfer sergio garcia takes a racial shot at tiger woods. >> as soon as i left the dinner, i started getting a sick feeling. hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> why don't you like tiger woods? [ laughing ] >> obviously you kind of like everybody. there are people that you connect with, and there are people that you don't. you know, it's pretty much as
4:50 pm
simple as that. >> cenk: well, that was sergio garcia, who is apparently in a beef with tiger woods. but beef is not what got him in trouble. chicken is. i'm here all week. all right. in case you haven't heard he said we'll have him round every night in response to what they'll have for dinner he said, he will serve fried chicken chicken--damn. hermela aregawi ben mankiewicz, jayar jackson. >> let's first start with tiger's responds. i'm sugar sure that tiger woods wouldn't take it hard but did he. and that is what sparked sergio garcia's apology. we'll play that for you right now. >> obviously i want to send an apology. i didn't mean to offend anyone.
4:51 pm
i obviously was caught off guard by the question, but don't get me wrong i understand that my answer was totally out of place. most importantly i want to apology to tiger and anybody that i could have offended. >> two-part question. one, are we offended to begin with. and two do we forgive him after that apology. >> jayar jackson go. >> well, you can forgive him if you want to, that's up to you. first off there is a part of the apology where he says, i was caught off guard. it wasn't meant to be a racist response. yes, it was. was it meant to be a congratulatory response, it was a joking atmosphere. they asked him a joking
4:52 pm
question and i joked back. no, i'm not going to determine if you are racist or not but you made a racist joke. fried chicken thing. if someone said, yeah, my name my name is cenk uygur i'm from turkey. oh, so you eat turkey? >> cenk: the gobble, gobble. >> that makes no sense. there is no history behind it. the name of that country is also the name of the animal that we eat. >> what part of american culture has he been able to absurd and it's the worse part of american culture. >> it's from the 90s. i thought this is 2013. we're past the fried chicken stuff. >> it's a tired stereotype. >> cenk: in this particular case about tiger woods. fuzzy zeller said the same thing back in 1997. >> the great thing about fuzzy zeller i remember the fried
4:53 pm
chicken, he leaves, he walks away, and said tell them not to bring fried chicken next year. >> we have it. and then he doubles down as he's walking away please play that clip. >> pretty impressive. little boys driving it well, putting well he's doing everything that it takes to win. you know what you guys do, congratulate on the back, and tell them not to serve fried chicken next year. >> now in case you missed that, because that's not very goo video, he ends with oracle larked greens or whatever the hell they serve. as if the initial comment wasn't bad enough. >> okay, again we know the history of golf, and how it excludes certain people. when tiger woods first broke into the scene yeah, black golfer and he's on top of the game, and then he has to come
4:54 pm
out i'm not just black that's his personal view. that's what he wants to do. but you start with that history of how golf does this and excludes certainly people. we know what this things mean. he's worried about his endorsements. >> the fried chicken comment makes no sense unless it is racist. it's so random. >> yeah, we'll serve fried chicken which everyone will enjoy. >> i just know in fairness to sergio garcia, when i get caught off guard with a question, i get a little racist. >> it's a reflex. >> this is a media, a dinner where the media is. it's not just off the cuff. >> cenk: look, there are two things i have to mention. brett pointed out during the video, too the fuzzy zeller thing is so much word, that little boy? >> it was fine when a little boy golfer.
4:55 pm
when he was beating everyone senseless as a nine-year-old. oh, you pat him on the back, that was really bad. when go to sergio garcia, if he knows tiger and he's friends with tiger that's a totally different thing. i can make whatever joke i want to ben. i've known him for seven eight things. he can joke about things unrelated to muslims. we're friends. we're allowed to make those jokes. but sergio and tiger are not friends. they're opposite. >> and they have a long history on the golf course of going head to head, and in those matchups tiger woods has beaten sergio garcia like in the 10 or 12 times they've played together by 20 globes and every sunday when they're paired together and the tournament is on the line. >> when he wassing about to go to the last hole and he hit three balls in the water in a row. and you can just see it
4:56 pm
building, and he accused tiger of messing up one of his shots in the past. and. boils over. >> and he constantly calls tiger woods a liar etc. when you have that kind of anger and then made the fried chicken line. >> yeah, tiger will be there great, get some hookers we'll have a good time. that's good, yeah. >> i know we don't have much time. but instead of trying to worry about himself his name and the sport of golf, you joked about it, but if you have a quick joke, it has to go straight to the racist background. that's where it's based off in this country. he's not even american. once you're here and you filter through this whole thing we're americans, we make racist jokes. that would be awesome. >> i'm pretty sure the spanish do too. >> i whole spain thing, i wonder if that hilarious. >> cenk: one final and incredible point that we have to make.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> cenk: the fbi had another person in custody for the boston bombing, then they shot him and killed him. all right, that story on the young tonight. brett, ben hermela, jayar, go, we'll see you there. "viewpoint" is next. >> john: lois lerner takes the fifth on the irs targeting of tea party groups. i love it when people who work for the irs don't feel like answering someone else's intrusive questions. i have one question, do you have any idea how much i hate having to defend the tea party? and exxonmobil is being sued and being bias the when hiring lgbt employees. this ruins my thoughts of exxon michael. and anthony


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